Art Critics: Who’s Who?

They make and break artists.

No wonder everyone wants to be one.

Despite journalism being in the doldrums (less jobs, less cash, less advertising) there are still more  art critics with ‘proper jobs’ than ten years ago, and although we all like to pretend to ignore them and believe we have our own (more worthy) opinions, the crits are as influential and thought-provoking  as ever.

So here’s a basic listing of who writes for the ‘quality’ papers.  In no particular order, but grouped by publication:

The Guardian/Observer

Adrian Searle is chief art critic. A former artist and perhaps the most likeable and passionate hack on the circuit. His ponderous yet quirky style is infectious and absorbing. The arrival or podcasts and video have only further enhanced his range. Someone give him his own TV show, please.

Charlotte Higgins, chief arts writer, has risen up through the ranks and covers a wider arts range taking in literature as well as visual art.

Jonathan Jones, writer and columnist, says on his blog that he believes the role of the critic is to sort out the ‘good from the excellent’, as opposed to good from bad.

Skye Sherwin writes the excellent weekly ‘preview’ summaries covering new shows nationwide.

Sean O’Hagan is The Observer’s photography guy.

Murdo McCloud is The Guardian’s photographer and writes about the art of photography and photojournalism.

Laura McLean-Ferris freelances for The Guardian and The Independent.

The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

Richard Dorment is the Telegraph’s answer to Adrian Searle, tracking the same big name shows.

Colin Gleadell, freelancer, provides the regular art sales round-up.

Kate Day writes the best photography blog bar none and is testament to The Telegraph’s pioneering use of blogs.

Christopher Howse writes the superb art blog.

Stephen Hough writes a blog about music but dips into art as whim takes him.

The Times and Sunday Times

Rachel Campbell-Johnson is chief arts critic.

Ben Hoyle is arts reporter.

Joanna Pitman is photography critic.

Nancy Durrant freelances for The Times.

Tom Dyckhoff freelances for The Times and provides a ‘Let’s move to…’ column to The Guardian.

The Independent

Michael Glover reviews many of the high-profile shows.

Johnathan Brown writes occasional pieces on visual art.

Laura McLean-Ferris writes freelance show reviews for The Indie and The Guardian.

Charles Darwent writes for The Indie and The New Statesman.

Geoffrey MacNab freelances for The Indie and The Guardian.

The Financial Times

Mark Hudson freelances for the FT and The Telegraph reviewing major shows.

Angel Gurria-Quintana freelances on photography.

Ariella Budick is a New York-based freelance.

Jackie Wullschlager covers London shows.

Rachel Spence writes about visual arts in Italy.

Francis Hodgson writes about photography.

And finally, there’s Brian Sewell over at The Evening Standard, but you knew that already.

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